The whole range of RAM automatic cutting machineries is organized in two different lines of complementary products appropriate for processing a large number of different sort of material:

  • Blocks, slabs and sheets cutting

RAM contour cutting systems are automatic machines optimized for the processing of different block of material: cutting of soft polyurethane and rigid foam, from low to high density, block of viscoelastic / Memory foam, block of latex, block of rebonded foam, block of Rockwool, block of melamine and closed cell polyurethane or foam, block of polystyrene, block of foam.

It is also possible to cut checked slabs, polyester, polyethylene, combined boards, pre-impregnated, forex, checked and smooth airex and polyurethane sheets.

  • Single and Multi-ply cutting

The range of machine is then supplemented by automatic machines for multi-ply spreading and cutting of fibers, cutting of textile, cutting of fabric, cutting of artificial leather, cutting of nonwoven fabric, cutting of alcantara, cutting of dakron, cutting of kevlar, cutting of glass wool, cutting of carbon fiber and fiber glass, cutting of rubber and cutting of wadding and resinated fibers.

  • Other types of cutting

The technology studied by RAM for automatic machines assures a very high cutting potential for the processing of even more materials than the mentioned above. A very quick answer to any particular need and request of customers can be given thanks to a special-applications specific technical department. Moreover we offer the possibility of scheduling any cutting trials on all the range of cutting machines, installed in our standing showroom, without any obligation for the customer but only our commitment to give a firm answer to his particular requirements.


Some of the possible application areas of RAM automatic cutting machines and the goods produced through them are: bedding (mattress and pillows), Upholstery, Furniture and sofa, Orthopedic, Apparel, Insulation, Soundproofing, Building, Alimentary, Packaging, Automotive, Marine, Sandwich panels (multi layers materials and resinated), Industrial, Washers production, Hi-tech applications.

Whatever the application is, thanks to advanced features like Nesting and automatic second cut for 3D models, every time it is possible to optimize the material usage for reducing the wastage and minimizing the process working time.