RAM Elettronica S.p.A.

As expert builders of efficient machines and contour cutting plants for cutting polyurethane, textiles and technical material, we are firmly committed to offering the best value for money solutions for foam converters, mattress and sofa producers in order to fulfil their requirements.


Our numbers:

1200 m2 of permanent exhibition area where visitors can inspect all our machines. Clients can see the efficiency and ease of use of our machines by cutting their own pattern data, using their own material if desired, with the help of our experienced technicians.

30 years of cutting technology research has created an environment which provides continuous improvement of automated production processes.

14 different cutting machine models offered in more than 70 standard configurations.

6 distinct cutting technologies: continuous blade, oscillating blade, wire, reciprocating knife, water, abrasive. RAM is the only automatic foam and textile machinery manufacturer with such in depth experience.

1 supplier for all cutting requirements in the upholstery, furniture and bedding industries.


Find the right machine for your material