Polyurethane dedicated waterjet cutting system

wj rubber


Suitable for cutting of:

Blocks of soft polyurethane of low, medium and high density, rebonded foam, polyester, polyethylene, resinated fibers, combined boards, checked slabs, glass wool, kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fiber, pre-impregnated, forex, checked and smooth airex and similar.


  • Leading edge technology components have been selected to accomplish the lastest project of RAM, your reference partner.
  • Machine and technology tailored for polyurethane cutting.
  • Application areas: Industrial, Packaging, Automotive, Upholstery forniture, Marine, Apparel, Domestic objects and Accessories.
  • Product’s minimal moisture grade thanks to effective machine’s design.
  • High production capacity: preset for multiple cutting heads installation.
  • Modular structure: machine’s dimensions perfectly match customer needs.
  • Machine's technical specs enhancing specific integrated cutting and design software.
  • Remarkably low operating costs:
- low energy consumption;

- reduced setup times.

RAM Elettronica has totally conceived, developed and assembled the WJ Rubber project, achieving the complete integration of high-end components and thus benefits both on the technical and machine control sides: one unique referent for always leading-edge technology.

Machine’s administration has became easy and efficient: the immediate control of the working speed is now just a simple gesture. The selection of the cutting mode –plain or abrasive mixed water- is executed by a handy and quick switch.

Loading and unloading are promoted by a narrow-design edge: speeding up the logistics, but yet in full respect of high safety standards, contracts machine’s overall downtime.

RAM WJ Versatile stands out of the crowd thanks to its newest brushless electric motors, allowing the cutting of intricate shapes and patterns in reduced times.

The working pressure of the water can be adjusted from 500 to 3000 Bar according to instantaneous cutting process requirements.

The robustness of the project ensues an outstanding reliability. An example is the waterjet pump that includes a modern pressure intensifier based on a double-acting cylinder, simpler and thus more reliable than the multi-cylinders systems. Also the choice of equipping the oil circuit with a pressure tank relieves the hydraulic components of periodic strains by assuring the best result in terms of pressure regularity.

One of the main project targets has been a low machine operating cost: the usage of long-lasting components and several smart solutions for complex functions, like the variable-flow pump and the quick nozzle replacement system, extend noticeably the intervals between service operations.