Fast blade cutting system

bf ev


Suitable for cutting of:

Low and medium density soft foam slabs, resinated fiber slabs, combined boards, multy-ply of textile, artificial leather, alcantara, dakron, nonwoven fabric, wadding, checked slabs, glass wool, kevlar, carbon fiber and fiberglass, pre-impregnated, checked and smooth airex.


  • Exact automatic blade cutting system with modular static cutting table.
  • Application areas: Composites, Automotive, Marine, Apparel, Upholstery, Furniture.
  • Reciprocating hi-quality knife system capable of cutting multple plies of compressed material.
  • Three-mode automatic knife sharpening programmable management: time mode, cut lenght mode, interactive mode. Choice of best quality, time saving or cost saving option.
  • Remarkably low operating costs:
- Hi-efficiency microprocessor-controlled vacuum blower as standard equipment, affording impressive energy savings;
  - Setup time optimization: extremely low automatic cut preprocessing and knife  replacing times.

The RAM BF EV Automatic Static table blade cutting system has been expressly designed as an uncompromising answer to accuracy, speed and versatility needs, providing remarkable results on a wide variety of different materials.

The extreme attention to the details and the accuracy of the project ensure an unrivalled reliability.
Reducing the operational costs has been a key design criteria: the groundbreaking vacuum blower microprocessor-controlled system allows an outstanding improvement in terms of energy saving, while a significant expenses reduction is granted by the setup time optimization.
Smooth and quick knife change operations and a hassle-free brush replacement procedure ensure even lower operating costs.

The RAM BF EV stands out of the crowd thanks to its newest brushless electric motors, allowing the cutting of intricate shapes and patterns in reduced times.

The featured vacuum table allows the cutting of multi layer shapes of compressed material.

Manage your cutting patterns easily using the RAM CAD, which includes the capability of data editing, project control, importing and exporting common DXF files and other formats.

Il sistema da taglio con piano di lavoro a conveyor CWR garantisce qualità, flessibilità e precisione di taglio che uniti alle elevate prestazioni rendono la macchina estremamente competitiva.
I nastri trasportatori ed il sistema di aspirazione rendono il processo di taglio, anche di spessori multistrato, completamente automatizzato.
La modularità della macchina consente di dimensionare il piano di taglio in conformità alle esigenze del cliente.
Il software user-friendly sviluppato da RAM permette di ottimizzare al meglio la disposizione delle sagome sul piano di lavoro e la generazione di un efficiente percorso di taglio. La possibilità di importare sagome da file dxf e da sistemi di reverse engineering rendono il sistema semplice da utilizzare ma molto potente.