Vertical wire cutting machine

vcr f


Suitable for cutting of:

Slabs and blocks of rigid polyurethane, rockwool, polistirene, polyester, polyethylene, resinated fibers, combined boards, kevlar, carbon fiber, pre-impregnated, rubber, checked and smooth airex and similar.


The innovative set of automatic vertical cutting machines VCR is RAM’s reply to the specific needs of some executive demanding customers.

The technical features implemented into the new line of machineries enable the cutting of a very wide range of materials: balsa, checked and scrim PVC, closed-cells expanded polyethylene, beyond resinated materials, soundproofing composites and PU materials, and all the other materials commonly cut on similar type of machines.

A wide bolster allows the processing of blocks and slabs of material, that are carried through the cutting area by two electronically controlled speed independent conveyor belts. The adjustable blade guidance tool, whose position can be set accordingly to the processing material’s height, guarantees an always optimal blade tension in the cutting area maximizing both quality and repeatability of the final pieces.

All the machines in the VCR F family are equipped with the latest version of our user-friendly software. New functionalities have been implemented in order to simplify, accelerate and automate the cutting process, proving an higher overall efficiency and user satisfaction. The possibility of importing existent patterns from dxf datas and reverse engineering devices make the system easy to use but yet very powerful.


The automatic cutting machines of the VCR F series can contour multi-layers, different thicknesses, material arranged in slabs, blocks or rolls producing pieces of any type and dimension. The optional integration between a VCR F machine and a feeding system establishes a real continuous and efficient line of production.

The bolster height and a fast accessibility to all the parts needing periodical maintenance are just some of the ergonomic solutions introduced in the project to obtain a setup times reduction and a general operator procedure simplification while employing a machine.


The latest RAM motion controllers handle the accurate movements of the cutting head and the conveyor belts at speed levels never reached before. By the way the VCR F project takes benefits also from reduced electrical power requirements, definitely lower than in any other similar machine: besides an exceptional reduction of the energy expenses, with the integration of a simple UPS unit, it allows the finishing of the cutting path in every possible operating condition.

These machine are for sure energy saving but yet very productive!


One of the most important RAM advantages is the firm know-how in the cutting process. We consider it as a property that requires constant update through a continuous research strength and an indivisible connection to the market.

The latest expression of this knowledge is the up to date mechanical optimization of the VCR F machines that yielded improvement of the main cutting parameters, quality and speed, without compromising the maintenance side, that has even been simplified and relieved.