Vertical blade cutting machine



Suitable for cutting of:

Slabs and blocks of polyurethane up to medium density, memory foam, latex, polyester, polyethylene.


The continuous vertical blade automatic cutting machine VCR is the right choice for processing of blocks, slabs and laminated materials at high productivity ratios. Clear and complex profiles can be achieved using either toothed or plain blades that can be twisted by more than 360° in both angular directions, reducing the need of frequent discharge points and thus defects on the final piece.

A uniform process quality is preserved by automatic sharpening of the blade. This occurs as necessary to avoid needless sharpening operations that would decrease the blade's life.

An adjustable blade guidance tool, whose position can be set according to the height of the material being cut, guarantees an optimal blade tension at all times maximizing both quality and repeatability of the final pieces.

The optimization of the pattern layout inside the cutting area and the creation of an efficient cutting path have been turned into simple, fast and automatic procedures by our latest user-friendly software. Existing patterns in DXF type format can be imported: conversion routines for many other file formats are available. This makes data migration from other manufacturers' systems very straight forward.