Horizontal oscillating blade compact cutting machine

spl ht


Suitable for cutting of:

Low, medium and high densities of soft polyurethane blocks, memory foam, latex, rebonded foam, melamine (aka Basotect) and closed-cell polyurethane, polyester, polyethylene.


  • Focused on quality and reliability you can depend on.
  • Application areas: Mattress, Upholstery furniture, Insulation, Soundproofing, Marine, Automotive, Packaging.
  • Ultimate performer on extra-high density PURs and PURs rebonds, Melamine, Latex and Viscoelastics by the means of a long-excursion high-frequency reciprocating blade enabling hi-repeatability cutting standards.
  • Unbeatable overall dimensions/production performance ratio.
  • Superlative extra-high density PURs cutting precision of shapes featuring sharp edges and smallest radii of curvature.
  • Machine’s technical specs enhancing specific integrated cutting and design software.
  • Extremely reduced operating costs:
    - Low Energy consumption by meaqns of the revolutionary mass-reduced system;

    - Rock bottom swarf (wastage) quantity and reduced setup times.

    The SPL HT, a Compact 3-Axle Oscillating Blade Profiler, has been expressly designed to ensure a tremendous outcome in high-precision and special care-demanding manufacturing cutting tasks, e.g. extra-high density PURs and PURs rebonds, Melamine, Latex and Viscoelastics.

Setting new capability standards for cutting machines, this superior profiler features reduced overall dimensions coupled with an unparalleled cutting power, thus providing the ultimate blend of high performances and unmatched precision that allows the cutting of flawless elaborate shapes from high-tech materials.

Manage your cutting patterns easily using the RAM CAD, which includes the capability of data editing, project control, importing and exporting common DXF files and other formats.

Reducing the operational costs has been a key design criteria: the groundbreaking lightweight carriage suspension system counterbalances the weight of the moving cutting carriage, allowing rapid movement, both vertically and horizontally, with minimum energy usage.

An extreme attention to the details and the accuracy of the project is clearly indicated by the multiple joint frames ensuring maximum stiffness of the whole at the highest operational speeds.

The specifically designed quick-assembly super long-lasting serrated blade ensures the highest-efficiency process cycle.