Horizontal oscillating blade cutting machine

spl 2200



Suitable for cutting of:

Low, medium and high densities of soft polyurethane blocks, rebonded foam, polyester, polyethylene.


The automatic contour cutting machine SPL 2200 is the right choice for high precision requirements on high density materials.

Thanks to the finely developed oscillation technology this machine is exceptionally faster than a horizontal continuous blade machine in cutting high densities blocks. Moreover this technology allows an unlimited blade rotation angle thus eliminating all the defects and waste caused by the inevitable blade discharge points on the continuous blade machines.

Concerning troublesome patterns and technical materials, this machine achieve a very high and uniform production quality.

The rotation of the turn table and the precise action of the block holding device allow the execution of a second cut on the same block for the production of 3D pieces.

The optimization of the patterns layout inside the cutting area and the creation of an efficient cutting path have been turned into simple, fast and automatic procedures by our latest user-friendly software. Existing patters in DXF type format can be imported: conversion routines for many other file formats are available. This makes data migration from other manufacturers' systems very straight forward.